Jordi Pla portraits

Jordi Pla Sabaté

Jordi Pla Sabaté (Barcelona 1979), “Master of Advanced Studies of Design for Luxury and Craftmanship” at l’Ecal, Lausanne. Switzerland (2014).“Bachelor in Product Design” by Eina School,Barcelona (2003) and “Post-Graduate in Modeling Digital 3D ” at Elisava School, Barcelona (2003).


Jordi in 2011, founded his own Product Design Studio based in Barcelona. Portrait photography: Enric Badrinas, Axel Crettenand.


Since then, he has created and developed projects for different international companies such as: Sellex, WMF, Vacheron Constantin, Baccarat, Normann Copenhagen, Remy Martin, Milan Lighting, Etablissement Callataÿ, Lékué, Suck Uk, Karlsson, Escofet 1886, Antonio Puig, Mit Legend, Guggenheim Bilbao.



Archiproducts Winner 2022. Symphony collection for Milan Lighting. Milano.

Silver Delta Award in 2022. Wire collection for Milan. Barcelona.

Bronze Delta Award in 2022. Symphony collection for Milan. Barcelona.
IF Award Symphony lamp collection. Berlin 2022.
IF Award Wire lamp collection. Berlin 2022.
Bronze Delta Award in 2020. MOM bench Escofet1886. Barcelona.
Silver Delta Award in 2018. Bottle Opener WMF. Barcelona.

Design Services

I offer my design services and vision to companies and institutions for provide them new perspectives and good design solutions. My client relationship it’s fundamental for the success of the design exercises. For offer smart and real creative solutions build a deep and fluent communication it’s the basic structure, for provide results based on my way to understand design.



Our strategy it’s working a practicing new methodologies. These exercises provide a lot of inputs on all different project developing areas. Design Basics, Market, Functionalities, Form & Matter, Prototyping. With this information We build a complete research that it’s mandatory for the success of our products proposals. Basically We playing, studying and reinventing the design method for create new histories around the materials, industrial processes, science and artistic expression.



With our product design projects We generate a deep documentation that many of our clients uses for the next investments. Providing a Consultancy works it’s a natural consequence that becomes from our own way to realize our projects.

Creating an honest strategy that makes sense and influence in the production process, environmental impact, logistics, and financial. It’s kind of benefits that our clients have in our consultancy works.



Product design it’s a social economic impact, the way to proceed it’ a relevant influence. I offer Projects and New Methodologies in Creativity courses in Universities.

Conferences, keynotes in institutions and companies its part from my work process.

Jordi’s is currently Head of Online Master of Product Design at LABASAD. Lecturer at IED Barcelona and coacher at Fusion Point, an initiative between ESADE, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), I collaborative on this multidisciplinary, experiential, experimental, socially relevant and impactful course. For our vision it’s an important role be part from the design education. We believe in share our KNOW-HOW.

Talks, Awards & Exhibitions

  • Symphony collection designed for MILAN wins Archiproducts Award. Lighting category. Milano November 2022.
  • Wire collection designed for MILAN wins the Silver Delta Award. Lighting category Barcelona June. 2022.
  • Symphony collection designed for MILAN wins the Bronze Delta Award. Lighting category Barcelona June. 2022.
  • Wire & Symphony lamps designed for MILAN is part from the Exhibition “Best design of the Year” DHUB Museum. Barcelona June. 2022.
  • Symphony collection from Milan wins the IF DESIGN AWARD 2022. Berlin 2022.
  • Wire collection from Milan wins the IF DESIGN AWARD 2022. Berlin 2022.
  • Bow Bottle Opener designed for WMF. Makes part on the permanent Industrial Design Exhibition from the Design Museum from Barcelona. December 2021.
  • MoM bench for Escofet 1886 wins the BRONZE DELTA AWARD from ADI-FAD.Barcelona November. 2020.
  • ADI-FAD guest the Studio for Design the DELTA AWARD for 2020. November. 2020.
  • Bow Bottle Opener wins the SILVER DELTA AWARD from ADI-FAD. Barcelona June. 2018.
  • Bow Bottle Opener designed for WMF is part from the Exhibition “Best design of the Year” DHUB Museum. Barcelona June. 2018.
  • Demo-AdiFad for Comaxurros : Exhibition at Museu del Disseny “Exploring new Processes of Creation” for reinventing the tradional Xurro. Barcelona. May 2017.
  • Igualada Design Days. : Products selection are showed on this fair with the goal to promote design with the local industries.Barcelona.Igualada November 2015.
  • Telling Time Exhibition in Mudac. : Gong Repeater designed for Vacheron Constantin is selected for be part of this exhibit . Lausanne, Switzerland May. 2015.
  • Demo-AdiFad for Comaxurros : I collaborate with DEMO “Exploring new Processes of Creation” for reinventing the tradional Xurro. Barcelona. March. 2015.
  • Ecal Half-Time 2015:During Half-Time. Ecal guest my to represent “Master in Luxurious and Craftmanship”. Lausanne, Switzerland. February. 2015.
  • Ecal Diplomes 2014:During Mas Lux “Gong Repeater” and “Flavour Straw” is selected for the exibition. Lausanne, Switzerland. September. 2014.
  • Remy Martin & Ecal: “Future Heritage Exibition” during Paris Design Week. “Flavour Straw” is selected for the exibition. Paris. September. 2014.
  • Half-Time Exibition: presented some pieces in progress for Hermès, and Remy Martin. at Ecal. Lausanne, Switzerland. 2014.
  • Elegance Exhibition : during at “Mega Show” fair “DEW” dish-rack was selected, Hong-Kong, April 2012.
  • 125th Anniversary of Escofet : presented “MoM” bench collection into the group “Generación Liviana”, Barcelona, September  2011.
  • PechaKucha Barcelona : talk about the project “MOIxMOI” a product for yourself on the line “Utopian Design” Barcelona, October 2010.
  • International Congress of Design and Innovation of Catalonia : talk about “New Systems to Dynamize the Innovation”, Barcelona 2010.
  • Connect with the Innovation : collective exhibition, Deca project was selected, at MNACTEC museum, Barcelona, October 2009.